About us

Combining deep-rooted history and heritage with innovation and technology, Alia Flowers is the place to go for all of your event’s staging requirements. We offer a full suite of services covering flowers, chocolates, interior landscaping, stage/set-building, gifts and event management and consultation.  Building on a long-established reputation of pioneering the horticultural tradition in Bahrain, we have innovated the notion of a flower shop, with new business lines added over the past few years to offer a one-stop shop for your event needs.

Our distribution centers, facilities, branches and staff are all fully streamlined to make sure that we can serve you more efficiently. We have expanded our business over the past four years, opening numerous branches to cover all of the island’s main residential and commercial districts.  We have   completely reengineered our business process, consolidating some business lines and investing significantly in new services where we have specialized expertise.

As a family-owned business with over 35 years’ expertise in the industry, our heart is still the shop on the corner… As wide as our network has grown, we remain at the core very much what we were established to be: a place that makes your special occasions all that more special, inspired by beauty, generosity and family.  

Our Unique Offering

We do flowers differently.  In more ways than one. 

Our long established track record has enabled us to fully understand our customers’ needs and expectations.  As a result, we have drastically shifted our operating model.

Over the past few years, we have invested significantly in widening our customer reach as we have witnessed substantial demand growth.

Today, Alia Flowers includes:

Branches in eight different areas across Bahrain, including four main shops and 4 permanent pop-up stores in different locations in the island.  Increase in  full-time staff from 30 to 70. 

 Warehousing and distribution centers for production of all large-scale orders and events.

Specialized teams comprising florists, designers and builders who are based at these centers during peak seasons to seamlessly fulfill orders. 

Fully integrated dispatch center that has been reengineered in line with our assembly and production to ensure efficient and correct delivery. 

In addition, we have added the following value-added services:

Graphic design to personalize your events, chocolates and more


Event management

With these larger facilities and services, we offer a full in-house solution for events, including private consultation services.   Because we value our clients’ privacy, our floral production space is in dedicated areas far from the point of sale centers. 

As a family-owned business, we are vigilant in ensuring that we innovate in order to develop. This evolution now enables us to cover the entire value chain from concept to execution.  This makes us truly unique. 

Alia Flowers has two pillars upon which our business was built and expanded: excellence in customer service, and uncompromised quality standards.

Customer service

Our emphasis on applying the highest quality standards in our business is especially true when it comes to our customers.  We believe that the service experience that we offer our customers is what has maintained our strong market positioning.


Our service starts and ends with quality standards. Quality in flowers, quality in presentation and creativity, and quality in customer servicing.  

We carefully evaluate flower suppliers and chocolate manufacturers to ensure that we exclusively  offer the best of the best.  Our expertise in the business means that we are able to source top quality flowers and chocolates from vendors around the globe while still meeting the budgetary requirements of our clients. 

Our Partnerships 

Our relationships with suppliers are based on a partnership approach, not just a buyer-seller relationship. What this means is that we seek partners and vendors who are established and well-reputable names in their line of business, known also for their quality standards and their innovation.  We work with well-reputed suppliers who are established in the international floristry industry and guarantee freshness and sustainability. We pursue long-term relationships with companies whom we are proud to consider part of the Alia Flowers family, seeking sustainability and continuity so that our customers can expect consistency and reliability in all our products. 

Who we are

Alia Flowers was founded by the late Alia Koleilat in Bahrain in 1978.  A Lebanese national known for her creative streak, appreciation of beauty and compassionate nature, Alia loved art, fashion and antiques.  Starting with its first branch in Adliya, Alia Flowers was one of the first businesses in what has today become one of Bahrain’s liveliest districts, and today, this flagship store is positioned as a neighborhood landmark.  As one of a handful of flower shops at the time, Alia Flowers‘ opening in Adliya introduced a new horticultural tradition in Bahrain.  

Today, the store with the whimsical window dressing and the tree growing out of its roof, is one of eight branches across Bahrain, taking care of the event and decorative needs of customers not only resident in Bahrain, but across the Gulf region, most notably Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

At the helm of Alia Flowers growth and expansion since 2006 is Serene Darwish, Managing Director and daughter of the founder. Known for her eclectic style and eye for fashion, Serene’s hands-on approach to the business has injected a ‘boutique’ feel into Alia Flowers’ products, services and environment.  Combining her parents’ vision with her in-depth knowledge of Alia Flowers’ customers and her fashion-forward philosophy, Serene’s bold creativity has positioned the shop as a trend-setter that is always a step ahead in the market.  

Envisioning organic growth that spurs from the established expertise and knowledge of the market, Serene is focused on evolving the business in line with customer demand.  Alia Flowers continues to streamline operations and production, delivering on efficiency, while always maintaining the quality which has become synonymous with the brand.  

As Alia Flowers completes its transition to its next generation, it boasts Bahrain’s highest quality florist services, a large customer base of individual and corporate clients, a delivery network that spans across Bahrain, and more importantly, a deep-rooted, unchanged philosophy of being a family-operated and oriented store that exudes the personality of friendliness, hominess and individual care—the very qualities for which Alia herself was known.

Our Products

Floral arrangements, bouquets and wrapping:Ranging from loose bouquets to extravagant wedding centerpieces, our flower arrangements are renown in Bahrain for their trend-setting artistic design. Our florists use the highest quality fresh flowers, imported on a daily basis from major suppliers in Holland, South Africa, Thailand, South America and New Zealand, to name a few.  

In addition, we have worldwide partnerships with affiliates and are thus happy to wire your flower gifts anywhere in the world. 

We also offer a while-you-wait gift-wrapping service. Whether you are bringing in your own gift for wrapping or buying something from our range of home gifts, our expert wrappers will ensure that the presentation is as delightful as the gift itself.  Moreover, we also provide wrapping services for large occasions including baby and bridal receptions, where we can customize and design the packaging that you like. 

Exotic/ rare flowers: 

For those clients who have extra special requirements, Alia Flowers can source and order the flowers from international suppliers, subject to seasonal availability.  Such orders should be placed in advance.   

Wholesale flowers:

Alia Flowers offers a wholesale flower service for clients looking to source large quantities.  For more details, please contact our sales representatives. 

Artificial flowers
Our selection of artificial flowers offers a colorful alternative option for offices and homes.  We source only the highest quality flowers in order to ensure longevity.

Gardening supplies and products

We provide soil as well as a range of garden accessories and gardening pots. 


We offer a range of high quality potted plants ranging from all types of ficus trees to potted flowers such as roses.  

We also provide a plant home-care service where our specialists will do the maintenance for you.  Plants can be purchased from our in-house stock, or can be ordered by season, and our personnel will come to your home for plant maintenance. 

Corporate plant packages:

For clients who require potted plants for their office premises, Alia Flowers offers a corporate plant package service which provides hassle-free plant management and maintenance:

An on-site assessment will be conducted by our sales team to prescribe the number and types of plants that would be suitable for your premises. 

Once you have selected the package, we will deliver the plants to your office, and will assign a plant specialist from our maintenance team to come in on a weekly basis to refresh and feed the plants.  

For more details on the different plant packages available for corporates, please call our Service Center on +973 17 714696.  

Vertical gardens:

With changing demographics, architecture and space requirements, Alia Flowers has introduced a vertical garden landscaping service. Our consultants can create the concept for you based on your space allocation and recommend the most suitable plants for you. 

Chocolates and decoration:

As the exclusive agent for Lebanese chocolatier Chantilly,  our chocolate gifts can be bought as pre-packaged trays or made-to-order. For occasions that require larger orders, such as favors for weddings, new births or parties, a pre-ordering chocolate service is available, and favor ornaments can be added as per the occasion.

 We also offer you the option of customizing chocolates with logos, designs and flavors. Chocolate shapes, colors and wrappers can also be designed to meet the requirements of our discerning clients. Our in-house graphic designer can create the required look and we then work closely with our manufacturers to produce the taste and quality that we are known for. 

In addition to our range of Chantilly products, we also regularly feature other chocolate-based confectionary products for which special orders can be placed by customers.  These include a selection of chocolates from France and the USA, all of which are available by pre-order. Moreover, we have a selection of seasonal sweets during occasions like Eid, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and New Year sourced from specialist sweet manufacturers and delivered fresh to our stores.  

Finally, Alia Flowers also has a range of branded chocolates that are available for purchase.  


 We offer a range of novelty gift items, including ceramics, glass products, and silver items like picture frames, vases and candles.    Displayed on our shop’s main floor, the offered items can be wrapped and incorporated into your flower or chocolate arrangements.  

We are also the exclusive distributor of the ‘Click and Grow’ smart pot in Bahrain.  This environmentally-friendly pot is a great alternative to fresh plants as it comes with its own seeds (predominantly herbs, vegetables and fruits), and requires nothing but water and a battery – the plant will then grow on its own! A great gift idea for young children who are aspiring gardeners, or for avid gardeners especially during the hot summer months, the smart pot is revolutionizing green gardening and we are proud to have been first-to-market with this product in Bahrain. 

The introduction of Click and Grow is the first step in a plan to offer more fresh herbs, and we are working to continue to expand our offering of innovative products.  This comes as part of a strategy to move towards green gardening and technology, as we wish to do our part to promote organic, environmentally sustainable planting and farming. 


We provide a one-stop service for customers who require overall support in their event management.  From in-house concept design to execution, we have built partnerships with third parties for lighting, catering and other services based on our 30 years of industry experience and can deliver your event seamlessly and successfully. 

Our reputation in the business has resulted in the commissioning of our services in neighboring countries, where we are also able to deliver the expected standard.   In addition, we have also worked with celebrity florists and event planners and can leverage those relationships should your event so require. 


An integral new addition to our product line is our new carpentry division, which works hand-in-hand with our Events division to support the implementation of events.   Recognizing a clear gap in the market, Alia Flowers introduced this service to cater to the customization needs of our clients.

Furniture rental

Alia Flowers can support your event by providing furniture including high quality chairs, sofas, poof chairs, cushions, tables and coffee tables.  Our rental furniture is  unique and provides a distinctive style when hired for any type of occasion, if reserved in advance.  Alia Flowers will arrange for the drop off and pick up of the chairs, and can also provide assistance in setting them up at the venue.  Prices are available on request. 



 Alia Flowers provides free delivery to any destination in Bahrain for orders of BHD 15 or more.  

Total fleet size of 19 branded minivans and vehicles which are specially equipped to ensure that deliveries are transported safely and securely from the shop. 

A state- of- the- art chill truck which has a built-in workshop allowing assembly to be conducted en-route as well as on-site.  

Our network expansion that has taken place over the past few years has meant that we can promise higher efficiency for on-demand orders as our fleet is located in numerous locations.  


Technology serves as the backbone to our delivery. We now offer direct mobile connectivity to customers, with all branches and management fully geared to monitor service levels and handle trouble-shooting.  Our streamlined systems enable us to be able to deliver on time, with dispatch controlled centrally but drivers on hand at our different locations. 

Community outreach

As a neighbourhood shop with deep roots in Bahrain’s community, our philosophy towards our business is that it is more than a shop.  We are enterprising in our products and services, and simultaneously, in our contribution to society.  Alia Flowers has a long-standing tradition of giving back to the community of which it is part.


I have used a lot of flower shops here in bahrain and nothing came close to the quality of your service. You guys deliver on normal days as well i presume?